We stock  G.I.A. and E.G.L. Certified Diamonds

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We sell fancy colored Diamonds

We sell unset Diamonds in every shape and size in our stores

We do not ship unset Diamonds

Please visit one of our stores

Call or E-mail us for a price quote before you buy.

Our prices are very competitive. 

Our Diamond buyers are experienced at finding the right Diamond 

at the best price within your budget.

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Can't find the perfect Diamond Ring anywhere?

    Our jewelers create most of our engagement and wedding rings on our premises.  Therefore we can create a custom designed ring for you.  Every ring we offer can be made with any size Diamond you desire in a setting crafted from Platinum, 18Kt yellow gold, 14Kt yellow gold or 14Kt white gold.  Our most popular styles are made from Platinum & 18Kt yellow gold or 14Kt yellow & white gold combinations. 

    In addition to the great selection in our stores, we have many catalogs featuring thousands of styles to choose from.  Our specialty is creating one of a kind rings from your ideas, sketches, or pictures.  We have designers on staff that will sit with you and sketch the ring of you dreams.  Visit our Home Page to find out more about the store nearest to you.